The Videographer by Jason Rapczynski

The Videographer

The Videographer

Price: $14.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-55152-252-4
3-Day Books, 2009

About the Book

A New York film school dropout falls into a job setting up spy cams, porn shoots and street fights for a shady underground video producer. His plans to escape the underbelly of the webcasting world are sent spinning when a young runaway claiming to be his daughter shows up at his door.

Her arrival triggers a series of events that are eerily similar to a movie script he wrote many years earlier, making him grow suspicious of the girl’s story and doubtful of her agenda. While his life begins to unravel, his past and present become entangled as he furiously seeks the truth about the girl, her missing mother, his increasingly sinister film boss and his own uncertain identity.

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About the Author

Jason Rapczynski

Jason Rapczynski

Jason Rapczynski is a writer and bookseller living in New Haven, Connecticut. He graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2001 and earned his MFA in creative writing from Emerson College in 2005.

He has lived in Boston, Burlington, Vermont, and the Maine woods.

The Videographer is his first novel.


“[D]efinitely out of the ordinary. By page 10, the reader meets a guy with three fingers on one hand, meets a crooked cop, and learns that the narrator’s current trade is affixing cameras in rest-stop bathrooms on I-95 in the hope of catching people engaged in sex acts. And yes, the narrator’s boss posts the videos on the Internet … It works. The Videographer is the page-turner that won out over 427 other completed stories.”
—David Riedel, New Haven Advocate

“The narrator is a slacker who drops out of film school in New York and ends up working as a videographer for a seedy entertainment entrepreneur. Let’s call it reality porn. Then a mysterious teenage girl shows up on his doorstep and our hero discovers life still has surprises in store for him … The Videographer is a darkly vivid study of marginal lifestyles in 133 pages. It’s a strong book.”
—Quentin Mills-Fenn, Uptown magazine

“[The Videographer] is the story of a film school dropout who makes his living filming pornography and street fights. On his birthday, as he’s planning to quit the business, a girl who claims to be his daughter shows up at his door. From there, readers are let in to the protagonist’s life via flashbacks–from his on-again off-again relationship with Missy, a stripper, to his short-lived career as a door-to-door salesman of “permanent materials for the exterior of your home” (windows and vinyl siding), to his long-term friendship with Norman, an overweight drinker he met at film school… Rapczynski’s story is told in the present tense in a style that is stark yet full of detail.”
—Whitney Hallberg, ForeWord magazine

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