Day Shift Werewolf by Jan Underwood

dayshift werewolf

Day Shift Werewolf

Price: $14.95
ISBN-13: 1-55152-208-x
3-Day Books, 2006

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About the Book

An unproductive werewolf, a claustrophobic mummy, a free-wheeling zombie, a demon with a hidden human and other incompetent monsters struggle to maintain their underworld street cred while discovering new and surprising sides to life on the dark side.

This collection of linked stories won the 28th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest with its funny, humane and original spin on the horror genre. It’s not easy for this group of ragtag monster misfits to scare up a living, but the pitfalls and rewards they experience make it all worth the effort.

About the Author

Jan Underwood

Jan Underwood

Jan Underwood was born in Pennsylvania, has lived in Canada, Mexico and France and now makes her home in Portland, Oregon. She teaches Spanish at community college and writes, acts and plays the piano in her spare time. Day Shift Werewolf is her first novel.

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“A thorough delight that will make you laugh out loud… Both adults and teenagers will find much to admire in this amazing work.”
—the Bay Area Reporter

“The most endearing bunch of misfits you could ever hope to meet…the writing is so zestful and funny that it clearly is a winner… Do yourself a favor: treat yourself to Day Shift Werewolf.
—the Bookmonger

“Each character is brilliantly drawn, with never a thought or action that doesn’t ring true. First-time novelist Jan Underwood has written an eminently readable, often hilarious, book.”
Broken Pencil magazine

“Underwood’s winning entry is a series of interlocking stories exploring the existential crises of monsters living and working in the same small Northwest town… Reading it, you find yourself stopping several times to admire that anyone could write like this in such a short amount of time.”
—the Oregonian

“The humour is very subtle and giggle-to-yourself funny… It’s great for reading on a train or in a café because it’s just the right size for a handbag.”

“The book is definitely unique and I found it a joy to read. I am still in awe that the writer could create it in just three days and I plan on checking out more 3-day novels in the future. A wickedly fun and entertaining book that will have you laughing out loud, and which you won’t regret buying.”
the Literary Word

“These funny and believable characters sparkle without being obvious or overwritten and their individual tales remind us of the value of all creatures.”
Geist magazine