The Convictions of Leonard McKinley by Brendan McLeod

The Convictions of Leonard McKinley

The Convictions of Leonard McKinley

Price: $14.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-55152-222-7
3-Day Books, 2007

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About the Book

Young Leonard thinks his own moral failures caused his father’s heart attack and triggered an epileptic fit in his dog. As he launches himself through increasingly dangerous ethical trials, his thoughts grow darker and the stakes get higher in his constant struggle to be good.

The winner of the 29th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest is a coming-of-age gone awry; a funny, suspenseful and touching story of a young prairie boy who can’t reconcile his faith, his offbeat family, and his own teenage impulses. In Leonard McKinley, McLeod has drawn a complicated character—open, charming and heartbreakingly conflicted.

About the Author

Brendan McLeod

Brendan McLeod

Brendan McLeod is a writer, musician, spoken word artist and a former Canadian SLAM poetry champion. When he’s not writing or performing solo, he tours with The Fugitives, a spoken-word and music collective.

Brendan was raised in Saskatchewan and Alberta, earned his MA in philosophy from the University of Waterloo, and now lives in Vancouver. The Convictions of Leonard McKinley is his first novel.

You can find out more about Brendan McLeod at his website.


“The newest 3-Day winner is an emotionally powerful book and an intense read… McLeod’s knack for realistic dialogue and for shaping young male characters you might have met at summer camp 20 years ago bring this coming-of-age tale to life.” —Now magazine

“McLeod’s plot works away with quiet efficiency. Leonard comes apart as the book comes together….a very personal addendum to the scariest of biblical prophecies.”—the Globe and Mail

“McLeod…has built a solid reputation as one of the country’s best spoken word performers. It turns out his command of language is just as strong on paper, however, as Leonard McKinley is an equally funny, disturbing and poignant tale of a young man struggling to reconcile his strong Christian faith with his increasingly dark impulses.”
Monday Magazine

“Brendan McLeod presents us with a protagonist who is at once mesmerizing and ridiculous, charming and offensive.”
—Terence Young, Governor General’s Award Nominee

“…a very funny book about religious extremism…McLeod puts the fun in fundamentalism.”
Uptown magazine

“Brendan McLeod is a disciple of authenticity, story and imagination. His words trip on present social issues with innovation and song.”
—Sheri-D Wilson

“McLeod’s writing is clear, thoughtful and funny and he has produced an entertaining read and a few moral dilemmas.”
Broken Pencil magazine