2006 Winners

1st Prize Winner

The Convictions of Leonard McKinley by Brendan McLeod

2nd Prize Winner

Terry Dove of Vancouver, BC, for Rocketdial

3rd Prize Winner

Carolyn Magner Mason of Tuscaloosa, AL, for Hopeless Causes

Shortlisted Novelists

  • Tom Alexander, London, UK
  • Timothy Anderson, Edmonton, AB
  • Emily Anderson and Marit Peterson, Chicago, IL
  • Rae Calvary, Milwaukie, OR
  • Patricia Chao, New York, NY
  • Trisha Cull, Victoria, BC
  • Jody Franklin, Victoria, BC
  • Joe Goodwill, Vancouver, BC
  • B. Gordon, Victoria, BC
  • Thomas Gray, Olympia, WA
  • Cammy Lee, Toronto, ON
  • Colleen Marlin, Toronto, ON
  • Kari McKay, Edmonton, AB
  • Walt Morton, Venice, CA
  • Richard Schwindt, Kingston, ON
  • Andrea Wijayakoon Phillpotts, Richmond, BC
  • Ron Yamauchi, Vancouver, BC