Body Speaking Words by Loree Harrell

Body Speaking Words

Body Speaking Words

Price: $10.95
ISBN: 1-895636-09-4
Anvil Press, 1995

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About the Book

A novel about—what else—writing a novel in the space of three days, offers insights into family, friendship, growing up female. Body Speaking Words is a poignant, funny and sexy account of one woman’s attempt to understand what drives us to document the essential stories of our lives.

Witty and acerbic, full of intelligence and visceral passion, Body Speaking Words is two novels in one: the story of writing a book in three days, and the autobiographical story itself. Punctuated by original art from Nicky Rickard, this amusing and thought-provoking three-day wonder by Loree Harrell is one of the contest’s finest triumphs. You’ll feel the physical exhaustion of a claustrophobic room, working the brain for the magic of creation, in this distinctive little novel.

About the Author

Loree Harrell is a writer and painter living in Oregon. Find out more about her at her website.