Love Block by Meghan Austin and Shannon Mullally

Love Block

Love Block

Price: $14.95
ISBN: 1-55152-194-6
3-Day Books, 2005

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About the Book

Through a series of correspondences, two secret agents debate, bicker and commiserate while they search for a mysterious cure for the lovelorn. Love Block explores the question of why humans surrender to the idea of true love. It’s funny, furious, sometimes crazy and always fast-moving, just like the contest itself.

Love Block is a unique, genre-busting creative experiment. The winner of the 26th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest is a collaborative effort, written over the Labour Day long weekend via phone and email by writers living on opposite ends of the United States. Includes cover and interior illustrations by Jeremy Bruneel.

About the Authors

Meghan Austin and Shannon Mullally met while earning their MFAs in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Austin continues lives in Chicago, and Mullally lives in Denver. They are both teaching and pursuing their writing careers. You can follow Meghan Austin on her blog.


“The whole project goes beyond language, i.e., beyond the normal and expected scope of a novel. Even the act of reading it is participation in the project and in the game. The authors are bending genre to lovely effect. They worked with their units (of time, of language, of narrative) with nurturing, caretaking voices, hurried as they might have been… And they seem so conscious of their narrators as joke-tellers, more than storytellers. This makes the pangs of love read quite honestly.