Nothing So Natural by Jim Curry

Nothing So Natural

Nothing So Natural

Price: $7.95
ISBN: 0-88978-167-2
Pulp Press, 1985

About the Book

A 12-year-old boy longs for ordinary existence amid extraordinary circumstances. The winner of the 8th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest reads like The World According to Garp written from the other side of the tracks.

In his efforts to develop a sense of self-identity, Timmy Curly must first come to terms with his eccentric family–an alcoholic father, an emotionally fragile sister, a brother obsessed with the family car, a grandfather obsessed with UFOs, and a remarkable grandmother who is an expert at antagonizing Timmy’s mother. Nothing So Natural was later adapted into the stage play, Puffballs.

“Curry balances the gothic-like tragedy of his story with poignant and regional humour–a natural and appealing Canadiana.”
–the Calgary Sun

About the Author

This was Jim Curry’s second stab at the 3-Day Novel Contest. He lives in Calgary.