Pawn to Queen: A Chris Prior Mystery by Pat Dobie

Pawn to Queen: A Chris Prior Mystery

Pawn to Queen: A Chris Prior Mystery

Price: $7.95
ISBN: 0-88978-209-1
Pulp Press, 1989
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About the Book

Meet Chris Prior, your not-so-average down-on-the-ropes private eye–broke, hard-drinking and cynical–and suffering from a crisis of confidence. And things don’t improve when she agrees to tackle a murder case involving an escort service and a rich, chess-playing university professor, which takes her from the seedy back streets of Vancouver to the quiet neighbourhoods of suburban Toronto.

Pawn to Queen is a classic open-ended murder mystery featuring a cynical but likeable detective, Chris Prior, who investigates a young Vancouver escort’s murder.

About the Author

Pat Dobie was born in 1963. At the time of her stab at the contest, she was a UBC employee living in Vancouver. Read about her 3-Day Novel experience at