Ruby Ruby by Bradley Harris

Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby

Price: $12.95
ISBN: 1-895636-23-X
Anvil Press, 1999

About the Book

Ruby Ruby is a soft-boiled murder mystery that follows the trail of an expatriate Canuck as he tries to sleuth out the answers to a puzzling series of pointless and apparently motiveless murders: Who’d want to kill a sixtyish night watchman guarding an abandoned pie factory?

Jack Minyard is an expatriate from Saskatoon who’s stuck down in Memphis working for a security company and moonlighting as a private eye. Jimmy Page is a jaded homicide cop who don’t play no rock ‘n’ roll but likes his sex plenty. A bus driver named Lomas sees a lot of things that he doesn’t always talk about…at least until he’s drunk. And they all play a role in the mystery surrounding the death of Lamont Franklin.

About the Author

Bradley Harris is a Canadian writer and editor living in Tennessee.