Skin by Bonnie Bowman



Price: $12.95
ISBN: 1-895636-32-9
Anvil Press, 2000

About the Book

Salacious, funny, and painfully emotive, Skin is a provocative and ruminative parable about our deep-rooted urge to ostracize the freakish and shun the disfigured among us. An unconventional and shocking love story that won the ReLit independent fiction award in 2001.

Skin is the story of Nathan Swan, a dermatologist who struggles with an abnormally large male endowment, and Cynthia Poole, a shallow model wannabe who begins to undergo a metamorphoses that changes her from a pretty face to a side-show grotesque. Bowman probes the surface to reveal deeper, more lingering impulses connected to desire, understanding, and love. It is only on very extraordinary occasions when beauty and the beast get together, but they do here. A cutting and startling debut novel.

About the Author

Bonnie Bowman was born in Toronto, where she now lives after a longish stint in Vancouver. She is a songwriter, journalist, freelance writer.