Starting Small by James Dunn

Starting Small

Starting Small

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ISBN: 0-88978-195-8
Pulp Press, 1988
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About the Book

Blind Banana Daiquiri is a guitarist accused of schizophrenia who spends his nights performing his greatest hits as mood music for strip shows. But growing up normal-sized in the Land of the Smalls (island cave dwellers who never grow taller than 4’6″) taught him a thing or two about normalcy, and as a schizophrenic, the idea that fiction can be stranger than the truth.

The winner of the 10th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest is about the coming of age of a big outsider, dreaming of love’s labours lost and the distant promise of stardom, who would really rather we all stayed Small.

About the Author

James Dunn was born on Prince Edward Island in 1954 and settled in Vancouver in 1982. Before winning the 3-Day Novel Contest, he published works in This magazine, the Capilano Review and other magazines and anthologies.