Stolen Voices/Vacant Rooms by Steve Lundin and Mitch Perry

Stolen Voices / Vacant Rooms

Stolen Voices / Vacant Rooms

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ISBN: 1-895636-06-X
Anvil Press, 1994

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About the Book

The first and only shared prize of publication, the co-winners of the 16th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest form two books in one. One side offers a nightmarish vision of a land in decline, the other, a finely crafted piece of prose, rich in mood and evocative in its language.

Stolen Voices tells the story of Tod Coll, a painter grappling with the age old struggle of art versus commodity. Steve Lundin’s novel is visionary and hallucinatory; bitter and vitriolic; written in a style that brings to mind the writings of Celine.

Evocative in its language, Mitch Parry’s Vacant Rooms is the tale of a family history and the effects of the past on the present. The novel sifts through one family’s collective memory in an attempt to understand their sense of dissolving ties and personal loss.

About the Authors

Mitch Parry is a poet and novelist and a teacher of creative writing at the University of Victoria. His poetry collection, Tacoma Narrows (Goose Lane Editions, 2006), was a finalist for both the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize and the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. Steve Lundin has since published several science fiction and fantasy novels both as Lundin and as Steven Erikson. He was born in Toronto, lived in Winnipeg and now resides in the UK.


“Alcohol, drugs, hormones conjured by passion-bubbled blood, all pave a hallucinogenic path … through thunderstorms within [the] skull.” —Prairie Fire