Struck by Geoffrey Bromhead



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ISBN: 1-895636-53-1
Anvil Press, 2003

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About the Book

Meet Finnigan Heller, drifter: reclusive, abrasive and clairvoyant. He’s also been struck by lightning more times than you’ve had hot dinners. But is he following the weather, or is the weather following him?

Heller’s bizzare gift has him on the run from a scientist, an intelligence agent, and an Englishman with a taste for violence. The winner of the 25th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest is a story about thunderstorms, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, the nature of luck and the fate of one very attractive nose.

About the Author

Geoffrey Bromhead was studying literature and creative writing at the University of Calgary when he entered and won the 3-Day Novel Contest. He was born in Calgary in 1979.


“The procedure of story-finding in Struck appears on page 20 in a chance encounter between a little girl who is playing with a toy that we are told she will lose, and the protagonist, who gives her a ten-dollar bill in a sentence that goes on fearlessly to a moment in the future when her mother will find the money and use it to replace the lost toy. This sounds easy; it even looks easy; but it ain’t easy and it gets better and better. A satisfying read.”
Geist magazine

“The inventive story has lots of attitude, and its characters are simply marvelous.”
Locus magazine