Tacones by Todd Klinck



Price: $11.95
ISBN: 1-895636-14-0
Anvil Press, 1996, 2008

About the Book

This rollicking expose of the violent and ambivalent nature of the Toronto “after-hours” scene and its inhabitants became an instant underground hit. First published as the winner of the 19th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest, it has now been re-released by Anvil Press as a special 10th anniversary edition.

Tacones is a hangout for a subculture of outlaws and rejects — crackhead murderers, transvestite prostitutes, hustler boys and addicts — all painfully beyond denial, searching for connection, solace, humour, thrills, sex and the perfect high. Descend into Tacones, if you dare…

About the Author

Todd Klinck is a writer, film artist, former sex-trade worker, and co-owner of Mayhem North, an adult video company. He lives in Toronto, where he manages a nightclub.


“Compulsively readable”
—Evelyn Lau

“Refreshingly spare and unadorned… Tacones comes on like a mild heart attack.”
—Bruce LaBruce

“Very short, very cheap, and, by turns, funny, disturbing and very, very sexy. Tacones is a model of its genre, a fascinating piece of work, from a fascinating process.”
Toronto Star