The Underwood by P.G. Tarr

The Underwood

The Underwood

Price: $11.95
ISBN: 1-895636-17-5
Anvil Press, 1998

About the Book

Holden Caufield meets Barton Fink. A hotel with a past, a place that has failed to maintain the pace of present day life and now languishes in disrepair … Enter Foster Lutz, a twenty-one-year-old pianist who lands the job of lounge entertainer in this once elegant establishment and The Underwood—including the lives of its inhabitants — is set for a spell of splendour and rejuvenation.

About the Author

P.G. Tarr was born in Vancouver and now lives in Toronto, where he continues to write and publish short fiction.


“…funny and, at the risk of sounding Hollywood, heartwarming. And it’s easy to read more than once.”
Geist magazine