This Guest of Summer by Jeff Doran

This Guest of Summer

This Guest of Summer

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ISBN: 0-88978-151-6
Pulp Press, 1984
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About the Book

He’s a high-tech millionaire-in-progress, she’s a ballerina. Their love is as fragile as his ambitions and her bones.

The winner of the 6th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest features an unlikely couple living in Montreal in a state of permanent impermanence. When they buy a ramshackle farmhouse in the dark heart of Nova Scotia, strange things begin to happen…

“This year’s winner is so good from beginning to end that no one is going to believe it was unleashed in three days. It’s a remarkable, engaging story.”
–Alan Twigg

About the Author

Jeff Doran lives and writes in Nova Scotia. His stories have been published in Atlantic, Redbook, Saturday Night and other magazines. As for the three days it took him to write This Guest of Summer, Doran says, “It was the greatest almost spiritual experience of my life.”