Wastefall by Stephen E. Miller



ISBN: 0-88978-220-2
Pulp Press, 1990
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About the Book

Forrest thinks the world is a garbage dump, a surreal wasteland in which anything can happen. A series of circumstances forces him to abandon reality and search for fulfillment amidst the debris of a disposable society. But life here ain’t all easy–kids still grow up to turn against you, and love is hard to find.

Wastefall is an acerbic environmental allegory, and Forrest an ironic observer of life who asks the proverbial question, “Is it bad luck to smoke a dead man’s cigar?”

About the Author

Stephen Miller is an actor and playwright, and the author of a series of historical thrillers, including Field of Mars and Last Train to Kazan. He was born in North Carolina and now lives in British Columbia, where he continues to write and teach. Find out more about Stephen Miller at his website.