Selections of Past Press

Select quotes and excerpts from news and articles about the International 3-Day Novel Contest:

The Ottawa Citizen interviews 2007 winner John Kupferschmidt.

Ron Yamauchi, a finalist and a contestant in Book Televsion’s televised version of the contest, writes about his experience on The Tyee.

“I cannot tell a lie–I loved the marathon of the 3-Day Novel Contest. It made me high. … And as well as my mojo, I got my faith back. No matter the length of the journey, what else is writing about if not faith?”

–Patricia Chao, 2006 finalist, writing about the contest is Poets & Writers

Quill & Quire interviews 2006 winner Brendan McLeod. Also read his interviews with the National Post and with the Winnipeg Writers Festival.

“Anybody who’s ever suffered from writers block needs to listen up. There’s a surefire cure for the syndrome, but it’s as drastic a measure as quitting cold turkey is for smokers.”

The Olympian (Washington), August 2006

“The contest has an irreverent and slightly rebellious spirit.”

The Vancouver Sun, September, 2005

“The contest… seems stirringly worthwhile when you think about how many remarkable voices there are. Also, 3-Day Novelists bring good news about Canada’s continuing and passionate attachment to the novel.”

The WestEnder, September 2004

“You have to create a book from zilch. This requires an athletic feat of typing.”

The Sunday Times (New Zealand), 2004