Registration opens—with a new look

Welcome to the new 3-Day Novel Contest website! We’re opening registration for this year’s contest with a fresh site and some new features for current and future entrants everywhere.

Click around and see what’s new, and feel free to tell us what you think. You can find links to the basics up top: information on the rules and how to register, some background on what the contest is about and how it all got started, a list of all the excellent winning novels that have been published by the contest and, of course the all-important Survival Guide. The link to the annual 3-Day entrants’ chat thread can be found at the orange icon in the Social box to the right.

New features include some links to writing resources, new sections for news and events related to the contest, and a Flickr photo pool for contest veterans who documented their 3-Day Novel experience (join it and upload yours!). We’re also launching a bimonthly newsletter with updates about the contest and news of interest to writers. Send us an email to sign up.