2009 Winners

1st Prize Winner

Snowmen by Mark Sedore

2nd Prize Winner

McKinley M. Hellenes of Mission, British Columbia, for Everything Will Be OK

3rd Prize Winner

Victoria Dunn of Ottawa, Ontario, for Alice’s Adventures with Welsh Zombies

Shortlisted Novelists

  • Miguel Burr (Vancouver, BC) for Fluorescence

  • Keith Chittleborough (Glen Waverley, Australia) for Sheepless in Puckapunyal

  • Karen Cressman (Brampton, ON) for Breaking the Girl
Kimberly Davidson (Vancouver, BC) for Jabula
  • Alice Egoyan and Devon Motola (Fresno, CA) for 77
David Gibson (Hamilton, ON) for Cold Heaven Blonde
Barbara Gordon (Victoria, BC) for Culture Heroes

  • Meredith Kennedy (Palo Alto, CA) for Strange Alchemy
Edward Lineberry (Dallas, TX) for Forged Prophet

  • J.C. Locke (Carrboro, NC) for Big Crunch
  • Gavin McLachlan (Toronto, ON) for Give Up Your Self
Greg Morrison (Woodstock, VA) for The Goetist

  • Erica Naone (Allston MA) for Needle and Fang

  • Marion Stein (New York, NY) for Hungry Ghosts
T.R. White (Brampton, ON) for Billy Blue Bear