Snowmen by Mark Sedore



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3-Day Books, 2010

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About the Book

The winner of the 32nd Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest tells the story of a man struggling to complete a record-setting trip across the Arctic while his unstable and resentful brother plays a deadly game of sabotage.

Charles Perth, motivated by less-than-noble intentions, plans to be the first person to walk alone over the North Pole, bisecting the Arctic Circle between Canada and Russia. He leaves behind the woman he loves—knowing he can never see her again even if he makes it to the other side. During his journey, Charles is confronted by the extreme climate, dangerous predators and constant blinding summer sun of the Arctic, now permanently frozen due to a drastic global climate shift. Charles is also subject to the intentional malevolence of his dying brother who, from thousands of kilometres away, has the resources and knowledge to make the solo expedition difficult, or even deadly. If Charles is to succeed—or survive—he must overcome exhaustion, starvation, sabotage and despair, and find in himself the strength and will to beat his brother at his own game.

About the Author

Mark Sedore

Mark Sedore

Mark Sedore is a professional writer and a graduate student. He has an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto and a second in Communication and Culture from York and Ryerson Universities.

Mark has worked as a writer for the mayor’s office in Toronto and he currently works as a staff writer for the University of Toronto.

Snowmen is his first published novel.


“With its alternating narrative structure, between Arctic present and past backstory, Sedore’s novel shifts from survivalist fiction to family drama/romance. His spare prose captures the sublime Arctic landscape,while also articulating the quotidian idiosyncrasies of Charlie’s experience…. Sedore’s novel is more an exploration of contemporary masculinity and the gender expectations that sometimes stifle the bonds between men—even brothers.”
—Justin Shaw, Canadian Literature

“A lesser writer would have taken twice these 170 pages to tell the same story with as much resonance. Through his sparse, economical writing and keen ear for believable dialogue, Sedore unerringly pulls the reader in, making us care about the three main players in the book… By turns, engaging, gripping, endearing, heartbreaking and funny, this is a fine novel by a talented young writer.”
—Brett Alexander Savory, The Globe and Mail

“Snowmen is really quite good. It’s a fast-paced read, but it still manages to delve into a complicated relationship between two brothers… Sedore has produced a gripping and satisfying story which betrays no clue to its origins.”
—Quentin Mills-Fenn, Uptown magazine

“Seems straightforward, wrapped up like popular fiction. Yet, Sedore’s story takes an unexpected departure from typical style… You only have to read the first three or four chapters to appreciate Sedore’s pared down writing style, which is well matched to [the protagonist’s] sharp wit.”
—Brooke Ford, Broken Pencil magazine

“Mark Sedore has managed to do what very few writers could ever hope or even try to accomplish. He has written, over the Labour Day Weekend of 2009, a poignant and succinct tale of journeys – both physical and metaphorical – and manages to lead readers on a path that will lead to reflection, surprise, and admiration.”
—James Onusko, Arthur magazine

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