November Review Roundup: Terroryaki

Terroryaki! by Jennifer K. Chung

Terroryaki! by Jennifer K. Chung

Here’s a sampling of some of the reviews of our latest published 3DN winner, Terroryaki! by Jennifer K. Chung. Find out more about the book here!

Terroryaki! is a playfully appetizing first bite… The writing is gritty and fast paced, exactly what you’d expect from a novel crafted in 3 days, but it’s also quite accomplished… 100% worth a read.”—SoMisguided book blog

Terroryaki! was the winner of the 33rd Annual contest and it’s quite easy to see why: the novel is very funny and I could see Chung writing comedies of all forms and genres. It’s also quite humbling to note that this piece was written in just three days… Chung reminds us how far we might be able to push ourselves creatively and professionally… The mysterious teriyaki truck is from whence the “terror” of the title comes from and you’ll have to read this funky 3 day novel to find out how Samantha’s wedding turns out, whether or not Patrick is eating too much teriyaki sauce, or if Daisy will manage to get a stable job.”—Asian American Lit Fans book blog

“…for a vegetarian, Chung’s description of teriyaki chicken is convincing and highly sensory. You’ll wish a mysterious teriyaki food truck circled your neighbourhood, too.”—Broken Pencil magazine

Remember! To our Boston-area 3-dayers: Jennifer K. Chung will be reading at the MIT Science Fiction Society this November 18. See our Events listings in our last newsletter, and stay tuned for more upcoming readings in Washington and Oregon.