Last Week for Registrations

The 35th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest is almost here! Registrations can be sent in up until midnight this Friday. Then, as of 12:01, all entrants can finally open up those word processors and start hammering out those novels.

We are sending out confirmation emails soon after registrations are received by mail and online. But keep in mind that some mail-in registrations may not make it to us before the contest. If you get your registration form in the mail before end of day this Friday, rest assured that you are entered in the contest and you should proceed according to all the rules on the rules page. If you have questions before or during the contest, feel free to email us. (Though often the answer is: Just Write!)

We will be sending pre-registered entrants an email this week with instructions for submitting manuscripts. You will receive this email next week if we haven’t yet received your registration – or email us for them if you haven’t heard from us by the submission deadline.

To all registered and not-yet-registered entrants: We wish you fun and excitement in these last days before the marathon as you dream up plots and ideas for your novels! Good luck and best wishes to all.