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Entrant Statistics for 2012

We’ve got you figured

We’d like to offer a big thanks to everyone who took part in the 35th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest, whether you were furiously scribbling a manuscript or cheering on someone who was. While our fabulous volunteer judging panel is deep in the work of reading this year’s submissions, we’ve been busy crunching the numbers from our 2012 event.

SHARE WHO SUBMITTED NOVELS: 71% (up from 67% in 2011)

AVERAGE WORD COUNT: 24,212 (up slightly from 2011)

MEDIAN WORD COUNT: 23,530 (down considerably from 2011)

COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING: 14, including Canada (54%), U.S.A. (41%), Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, and U.K.

TOP REGIONS: Ontario, British Columbia, New York, Alberta, Washington, California

Our team will spend the rest of 2012 reading, re-reading, and deliberating over your submitted masterworks; by late January we hope to announce their decisions, send out a fancy certificate to each successful entrant, and begin the exciting work of polishing and publishing another fine, fast 3-Day Book.

Save the date! The 36th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest will take place August 31 to September 2, 2013. Registration will open in spring 2013.

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3-Day Books

Heidegger Stairwell: Recent news and reviews

Heidegger Stairwell

Heidegger Stairwell

“I loved Heidegger Stairwell… And it doesn’t really matter how long it took her to do it; [Kayt Burgess has] created a novel that’s outside of ordinary.”
—Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This book blog

“It’s a fast read and an entertaining one, at that. Recommended for anyone with a healthy love for schadenfreude.”
—Sebastian Buzzalino, Beatroute magazine

“It just sort of came out from the contest, and the caffeine and the sleep deprivation.”
 —Kayt Burgess as interviewed by Jeffrey Ougler, Sault Star

And…cake! Visit our Flickr photo pool to see the magnificent Heidegger Stairwell-themed book launch cake provided by Hamilton’s Cake Bits.

Get your copy of Heidegger Stairwell

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Friends and Relations

Good luck to this year’s NaNoWriMo scribblers

With National Novel Writing Month kicking off, we’ve been thinking a lot about some of our fellow organizations that are bringing the manic joy of creating under pressure to other seasons and other forms. 

We’d like to offer a hat tip to any 3DNC survivors that are continuing their momentum into these other challenges, be it more fiction with NaNoWriMo, screenwriting with Script Frenzy, filmmaking with our fellow Vancouverites at Crazy8s, speedy doodling with 24-Hour Comic, or with any of the other culture builders in the community of fast-forged art.

If you’re jonesing for the 3-Day rush in between Labour Days, find links to these and other similar organizations on our Writing Resources section.

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