Announcing the Winners of the 35th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest

Our 35th year has been a big one! The International 3-Day Novel Contest now has its first-ever two-time winner, and we’re also excited to announce a couple of big upcoming changes at 3DNC headquarters. Read on for all the details and for the list of this year’s top marathon novelists.


THORAZINE BEACH by Bradley Harris of Memphis, Tennessee

Bradley Harris

Bradley Harris

About the Author

Bradley Harris is a Canadian writer, editor, and teacher living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. He is the only writer to have won the 3-Day Novel Contest twice; his first novel, Ruby Ruby, won the 21st annual competition in 1998. His other works include prizewinning short stories and a dramatic play, Incoming, produced in Memphis and Los Angeles. Brad holds BA and JD degrees, plus an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Memphis. He is currently at work on his third novel in the Jack Minyard series, Six Flags Over Jesus

About the Book
Jack Minyard is a private dick down on his luck. He’s badly overweight and on the wrong side of sixty; he’s lost his marriage, and maybe a little of his mind. After narrowly escaping charges in a money laundering scandal, Jack must count on private contracts, the kindness of strangers and a pile of prescription drugs to get by. In a last-ditch play to resurrect his career, Jack takes on a case that puts him on the wrong side of the tracks and in the midst of some of the roughest trade going. Thorazine Beach is a palpable and enthralling tale that will be released by Anvil Press in August 2013.

* * *

Winning $500

Embodying Geography by Manpreet Dhaliwal of Surrey, B.C.

* * *

Winning $100

Drift, Disappear by Mallory McMahon of Brooklyn, New York

* * *

Our Top 12 Runners-Up

  • Suicide Season by Jay Bethke of Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Fauvel by Kayt Burgess of Aurora, Ontario
  • Recycled Virgins by Dorothyanne Brown of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Fall of Breath by Anne DeGrace of South Slocan, B.C.
  • The Clothes We Wear by Vanessa Fernando of Montreal, Quebec
  • Doorways by Barbara Gordon of Victoria, B.C.
  • The Pledge by Annie Mahoney of Toronto, Ontario
  • The Jewish Joke Factory by Kelsey Osgood of Brooklyn, New York
  • Werewolves of Vegas by Teresa Perrin of Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Baselines by Anna Stewart of Bakersfield, California
  • Go Bullet by Rudy Thauberger of Vancouver, B.C.
  • Giant by Ben R. Williams of Basset, Virginia

* * *

Thanks to all who took part, and congratulations to everyone who got a creative boost out of the 35th Annual 3DNC. You can connect with other 3-Dayers and share your experiences and tips via the Abebooks chatroom link to the right, through the Twitter hashtag #3DNC or on our Facebook page at

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Big Contest News!

We thank everyone for bearing with us during the extra weeks it took to finalize this year’s contest results. It’s been a busy time at 3DNC headquarters as we prepped ourselves for two exciting changes.

First, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Anvil Press, who will be publishing and distributing the contest winners from this point forward. Anvil Press ran the 3-Day Novel Contest from 1992 to 2003 and was the driving force behind its evolution from a Canadian west-coast anomaly to the notorious international experiment that it now is.

Our second announcement is that the Geist Foundation, an established literary publishing group in Vancouver, is taking over the management of the 3-Day Novel Contest. We are thrilled to have this organization become the contest’s new home: the people at the Geist Foundation are experienced and dedicated literary arts administrators who have had a long relationship with this wacky creative endeavour. As a Vancouver-based foundation, they will also be able to keep the contest in its original birthplace and hometown of 36 years. Stayed tuned to this site for more news and updates as they prepare to launch registration for the upcoming 36th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest this spring.

Meanwhile, here at transitional 3DNC HQ, we — Barbara Zatyko and Melissa Edwards, your faithful contest administrators for the past nine years — thank all of our past entrants for participating in the 3-Day Novel Contest with us and for being a part of the amazing experience of managing this literary tradition. We hope you found as much fun and fulfillment in taking on this year’s challenge as we have had in running it. We and our volunteer reading panel members wish you all a happy, productive and creative 2013, and hope, as always, that you are able to continue the momentum of the contest through to the next Labour Day long weekend.

* * *

The 36th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest will take place August 31 to September 2, 2013. Send an email to join the mailing list and receive notice when registration opens this spring.