Shortlist Announced and New Look!

Two exciting announcements! We’re unveiling a new layout and logo for the website, and the shortlist for the 36th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest!

We want to thank each entrant for taking part in this intimidating, gruelling, but ultimately rewarding writing challenge.


  • Shit for Brains by Graham Skelly of Skidegate, BC
  • And the Wheels Fell Off! by Sheldon Seigel of Victoria, BC
  • Casings by Henry Campbell of Calgary, AB
  • Moss-Haired Girl by Rachel Slansky of San Francisco, CA
  • Xocolatl by David Maybe of Oak Forest, IL
  • The Deal by Stacy Stusowski of Carpentersville, IL
  • Mary and Magdalene by Vanessa Fernando of Montreal, QC
  • An Evening with Gravity Wells, Supersize Porn Star by Annie Mahoney of Toronto, ON
  • Hub Man Dies by Michael Leahy of Los Angeles, CA
  • Black Zen, The Rift Chronicles by Catherine Ellsworth of San Francisco, CA

Congratulations to the finalists! The winner will be announced next week.