2013 Winners

1st Prize Winner
Moss-Haired Girl by R. H. Slansky of San Francisco, California

2nd Prize Winner
Casings by Henry Campbell of Calgary, Alberta

3rd Prize Winner
The Deal by Stacy Stusowski of Carpentersville, Illinois

Top Shortlisted Novels
An Evening With Gravity Wells, Supersize Porn Star by Annie Mahoney of Toronto, Ontario
And The Wheels Fell Off! by Sheldon Seigel of Victoria, British Columbia
Hub Man Dies by M. Connor Leahy of Los Angeles, California
Mary and Magdalene by Vanessa Shanti Fernando of Montreal, Quebec
Memory’s Current by Matt McTaggart of Kingston, Ontario
Mine by Terry Dove of Burnaby, British Columbia
The Gord Project by Jane Daly of Ottawa, Ontario
The Meaning of America by Robert Shulman of Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Weirds by Pollyanne Power of Washington D.C.
Xocolatl by David Pontier of Oak Forest, Illinois