The 2016 3-Day Novel Winners

1st Prize Winner

Attack of the Lonely Hearts by Mark Wagstaff of London, UK

2nd Prize Winner

The Draft Pick by Conor Moloney of Montreal, Quebec

3rd Prize Winners

ÜberVern: Defender of the Multiverse by Al Stegall of Salinas, California

Top Shortlisted Novels

Killer Carbs & Meatball Barbs by Alexis Larkin of Glen Rock, New Jersey
The Dream is Ended by B.D. Wilson of Edmonton, Alberta
Flare: The Origin Story of Pyro Girl and the Unburnt Kid by Caryn Dietrich of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Wasters by Brandon Reichard of Hilliard, Ohio
DEADWalker by Shelby L. Wright of Vancouver, British Columbia
Ants at a Parade by Boris Jelic of Ottawa, Ontario

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