Traversing Leonard by Craig Savel

Traversing Leonard

Traversing Leonard

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ISBN: 978-1-77214-033-0
Anvil Press, 2015

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About the Book

Paul is a young physics professor at a major university in New York state. He is drawn to Leonard Zavitsky, a once promising but now washed up and annoying ex-professor who is kept on the payroll as a custodian, more out of pity than any nod toward professor emeritus status.

The once great Zavitsky has some wild theories about quantum time travel, but he convinces Paul to accompany him on a journey through time—back to the 1950s, then further back into the 1930s.

Humorous, whimsical and dipped in science fiction, Traversing Leonard is a fast-paced first novel about a friendship that grows against the odds, about ambition driven by love and a never-ending search for a sense of belonging.

About the Author

Craig Savel

Craig Savel

Craig Savel works as a web developer for a nonprofit organization that does much work in the developing world. His work takes him to interesting places and involves long plane rides where he entertains himself by making up stories that he never writes down. Craig is a former Jeopardy champion and New York native. He lives in Manhattan with his three friendly cats and his wife, Marion Stein, the writer. Traversing Leonard is his first novel.

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