Pre-order Chalk by 2015 3-Day Winner Doug Diaczuk

Chalk by Doug Diaczuk

Chalk by Doug Diaczuk

Already thinking about your ideas and plots for the 2016 International 3-Day Novel contest? Get a little inspiration from our 2015 winner, Doug Diaczuk. His winning novel, Chalk, is now available for pre-order.

In Chalk, “You” and L, a mysterious runaway, hit the road on a mission to find the meaning of life. Traveling by plane, bus and car, You run into trouble with the cops, mourn a family tragedy, smoke hundreds of cigarettes, attend a retirement party, come to terms with a broken heart, and discover that all roads lead back to where You started—in the flowers drawn by two little girls in coloured chalk on the sidewalk.

Order Chalk on its own or save and bundle it with an early registration. However you order it, you’ve gotta read this book!

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