2016 3-Day Novel Contest Finalists!

We whittled the 200-some novels submitted to the 39th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest down to a shortlist and spent the last month discussing the merits of each entry. After a series of late nights, intense debates, blood, sweat and name-calling, we have our 2016 International 3-Day Novel Contest shortlist!

The shortlisted novels are, in no particular order:

Killer Carbs & Meatball Barbs by Alexis Larkin
The Dream is Ended by B.D. Wilson
Attack of the Lonely Hearts by Mark Wagstaff
Flare: The Origin Story of Pyro Girl and the Unburnt Kid by Caryn Dietrich
The Draft Pick by Conor Moloney
Wasters by Brandon Reichard
DEADWalker by Shelby L. Wright
ÜberVern: Defender of the Multiverse by Al Stegall
Ants at a Parade by Boris Jelic

The winning novel will be announced shortly—stay tuned!

Once again, we’d like to thank all our 3-Day Novel Contest entrants for taking the plunge. Writing an entire novel in three days is no small task, and our judges had a blast reading your wild and imaginative stories. We also thank you for your patience and understanding during the judging process.

On another note: we love hearing about what you did with your 3-Day Novel manuscript! If you pursue publication, adapt it into a film, play or comic, or anything of the like, please let us know. You can e-mail us at info@3daynovel.com.

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