February 7, 2014

3-Day Books

3-Day Books is an independent publishing house established in 2005 to publish the annual winner of the International 3-Day Novel Contest. The titles released by 3-Day Books reflect the diversity and originality inspired by the 3-Day Novel Contest, and are darn good reads besides. You can buy titles by 3-Day Books directly from this website (click the Buy Now links by each title in the Books section to order securely by PayPal), order them with your contest registration, request them at any bookstore or library, or buy them from your favourite online bookseller.

3-Day Books are distributed across North America through Anvil Press. Booksellers may also order them from Consortium in the United States or through University of Toronto Press in Canada.

Recent Reviews for Our Titles

“Creepy mystery? Bizarre romance? Hilarious family dysfunction? Terroryaki! has it all in perfect portions, all against the backdrop of the Seattle food scene. At only 122 pages, this is a quick, fun read that will definitely stir up some cravings for your favorite comfort food by the time you’ve finished.”
—49th Parallel Book Blog on Terroryaki! by Jennifer K. Chung

“A lesser writer would have taken twice these 170 pages to tell the same story with as much resonance. Through his sparse, economical writing and keen ear for believable dialogue, Sedore unerringly pulls the reader in, making us care about the three main players in the book… By turns, engaging, gripping, endearing, heartbreaking and funny, this is a fine novel by a talented young writer.”
The Globe and Mail on Snowmen by Mark Sedore

“[D]efinitely out of the ordinary. By page 10, the reader meets a guy with three fingers on one hand, meets a crooked cop, and learns that the narrator’s current trade is affixing cameras in rest-stop bathrooms on I-95 in the hope of catching people engaged in sex acts. And yes, the narrator’s boss posts the videos on the Internet … It works.”
—The New Haven Advocate on The Videographer by Jason Rapczynski

“…it seems to me that the three-day gauntlet forces instinct to the fore…the writerly subconscious drives things on. Kupferschmidt’s instincts have guided him flawlessly in this tough-minded and deeply moral look at the cost of being good in evil times.”
The Globe and Mail on In the Garden of Men by John Kupferschmidt

“…an emotionally powerful book and an intense read… McLeod’s knack for realistic dialogue and for shaping young male characters you might have met at summer camp 20 years ago bring this coming-of-age tale to life.”
Now magazine on The Convictions of Leonard McKinley by Brendan McLeod

“The stories are told with humour and compassion… Each character is brilliantly drawn, with never a thought or action that doesn’t ring true. First-time novelist Jan Underwood has written an eminently readable, often hilarious, book.”
-—Broken Pencil on Day Shift Werewolf by Jan Underwood

“…the whole project goes beyond language, i.e., beyond the normal and expected scope of a novel. Even the act of reading it is participation in the project and in the game. The authors are bending genre to lovely effect. They worked with their units (of time, of language, of narrative) with nurturing, caretaking voices, hurried as they might have been.”
–Bookslut.com on Love Block by Meghan Austin and Shannon Mullally