March 21, 2014

Survival Guide: #6

Eating: Whether or Not

meal n.
1. The food served and eaten in one sitting.
2. A customary time or occasion of eating food.

This section is mainly geared for the single contestant (see: Preliminary Warnings…) who has no one but themselves to rely on throughout the three day ordeal. First off, meals are out. Note the phrases in the definition that you can discard immediately: food served; one sitting; customary time. That virtually leaves you with eating food.

Keep it simple, and fast:

Wieners (straight from the package—protein taken care of).
Bananas and other fruit (vitamin C, potassium, etc.).
Keep cooking to a minimum. Pizzas, Chinese—food to go.
Forget balance, this is not a “spa,” there are no “healing days.” This is a competition; a crucible; a hill of sand. Climb! Climb!